What Makes A Website A Real Breadwinner For Your Company?

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19 min readMay 21, 2022

By George L. Rosario, CEO & Founder at GC Rosario Group

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While many people go on Yelp to look at restaurants reviews, or they go to social media to get a feel of a company’s vision or character, professionals go to a company or organization’s website to answer their preliminary questions. Your website is often one of the first forms of marketing a potential customer or client gets to see. People still find your business via your website. And, if your SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) is not being managed correctly, your prospects may never find you.

When you speak to website designers, business consultants, marketing strategists, logistics experts, networking professionals, new business development directors, analysts, IT support specialists, advertising agencies, PR teams, etc., they will all throw terms at you such as SEO, SEM, KPI, ROI, PPC, Anchor Text, Alt Attribute Text (or Alt Text), Backlink, Inbound Links, Outbound Links, External Link, Internal Link, Backdoor Linking, Doorway Linking, Deep Link, Title Tag, Hashtag, Hyperlink, Bots, Meta Description, Keyword, Long Tail Keyword, Keyword Optimization, Keyword Density, Domain Rank or Domain Authority, Domain Trust, Page Rank or Page Authority, 301 Direct, 302 Redirect, URL, HTML, Coding, Code, 4xx Status Code, 5xx Status Code, Canonical URL, SERP, Breadcrumb Navigation, Sitemap, Index or No Index, Bookmark, SAS, HPA, Black Hat, Broken Link, Bounce Rate, ccTLD, Cloaking, CSS, Snippet, Header Tag, Javascript, Indexing, Metadata, SAP, Google Analytics, Organic Traffic, Pagination, RSS Feed, Subdomain, XML, etc.

If your head isn’t spinning after reading through the paragraph before this one, or after listening to one of these guys explain any of these terms, you have absolutely no need to hire us. We at GC Rosario Group help your online presence grow using SEO terminology and strategies. So if you understood everything I mentioned in the previous paragraph, you should stop reading right now. You are already ahead of the game. But if you are like me, who is smart enough to know what I don’t know, and even smarter because I hired top quality professional people who do, then we should schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation to show you what our team can do for you.

Your website is often the first piece of marketing seen by your potential customer, or at least it is one of the first visited pieces after they discover you on social media or via your blog. SEO, which is the optimization tool we will discuss today, is the practice of communicating the value of your website to the search engines most people use (Google, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, Ask, DuskDuskGo, Naver, AOL, Seznam, Ecosia).

SEO is a serious science that requires a certain level of artistry for it to be successful. So much so that numerous companies pop up daily offering Search Engine Optimization services to other businesses. There are also just as many that fold, close their doors and dissolve their business because like all arts & sciences, some practitioners are simply not up to the task or talented enough to be a true artist of the art form.

What makes a strong SEO strategy? First of all, anyone managing your SEO must know how to keep up with search trends, while paying close attention to your KPI, HPA, SAS, SAP, Google Analytics and other business analytics tools for tracking your website’s performance. This may sound like a bunch of industry jargon, but these tools are as important & essential to your website manager as a hammer is to a carpenter and a scalpel is to a surgeon. These are the tools of the trade that separate the simple social media influencer from the professional online reputation curator. It is so important that it’s given rise to certifications such as CSM and PSM (Certified Scrum Master & Professional Scrum Master). We will be covering some of these in a later post.

After years of studies and research, our team has mastered the use of keywords, hashtags, links and other logistical practices to increase our own SEO. Our own website, GCRosarioGroup.com ranks in the top 4% of consulting and start-up business websites with under 10 years in existence. To put that into perspective, consider the following. The number of websites in existence changes every second. But, there are currently well over 1 BILLION websites on the world wide web today. According to Netcraft’s March 2022 Web Server Survey, there are currently 1,169,621,187 active online. This is up considerably from January 2022 when there were only 1,167,715,133. Considering those numbers, we are very confident that our strategies work since we currently rank so high.

SEO practices for logistics strategies helps search engines identify your website as a reliable source, which helps keep it ranking at the top of searches. The more visible your website is, the more chances you have to earn your clients’ business. Furthermore, if your website is not a high ranking entity online, how can you honestly tell any client that you are able to help them succeed.

We are so confident that this is not as easy to do as posting on social media, writing a couple of blogs and having a couple of reviews that we want to give you, for free, at no cost to you, the basics of SEO and how to incorporate these basic principles into your digital marketing strategies.

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Why should you consider SEO for your business?

First of all, we should ask you this; why not? In today’s noisy online world, you need to give yourself every opportunity to shine. SEO puts your business front and center for all your potential customers to see. If they can’t find you, they can’t hire you! First step in SEO is to build a quality website that is both desktop and mobile responsive. It has to be an online presence that uses targeted keywords and phrases that are related to your field. This helps you appear on the first few pages of Internet searches. For example, stop reading this right now and Google my full name, “George L. Rosario.” Watch what happens. But hey, finding me by my name should be easy, right? OK. Search #NYCsHometownRealtor. Want more? Google #GeorgeTheSpeaker. Not enough proof? Google GC Rosario Group. OK, perhaps you prefer to search in BING. Why don’t you go to Bing, AOL, Yahoo, or whatever search engine you prefer to use and search me by name, “George L. Rosario.” By the way, I am not the only George L. Rosario in the world. As a matter of fact, there are 3 that live within half a mile from me. But none of them will populate in your search when you search my name. That is the magic of proper SEO usage.

Most of your potential clients, customers, partners and fans are likely using the Internet to find the business professional that will fulfill their personal or professional needs. Many of them will be on their phones when doing so. Make sure that your SEO is both desktop/laptop and cellphone friendly. Make sure that when they search you, or search anything that is related to your business, they find you first. My goal is to be the number one name to come up when people search the word “consultant” or the hashtag #consultant on their phone, laptop, desktop or iPad, whether they are using an iPhone or Apple OS device, or an android device by Samsung or any other user. I want to be #1 in my industry. Not to brag but to show my potential clients that GC Rosario Group is the top player when it comes to business consulting firms worldwide.

This is not an easy feat. I am competing with HUGE names like McKinsey Company (aka McKinsey & Company), The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. (aka BCG), Bain & Company, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers (aka Price Waterhouse Coopers or PWC), Booz Allen Hamilton, Ernst & Young (aka EY), Accenture, KPMG (aka Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler), A.T. Kearney, Oliver Wyman, IBM Global Services, L.E.K. Consulting, EY-Parthenon, Strategy&, Gartner Inc., Mercer LLC, Lockheed Martin Corp, GE Healthcare Partners, Capgemini, Oracle Consulting, Cisco Systems Inc., SAP Services, Grant Thornton, Huron and others. We have something they don’t have. We have George L. Rosario, Claudia P. Rosario, Gunner “The Runner” Rosario (that’s our official mascot), and we have faith and prayer on our side. What makes you different? Let’s talk about it.

What are the best SEO practices for your business, company or organization?

This obviously depends on the type of business, company or organization you operate. But there are basics that work for all businesses, all companies, all organizations, all teams and even all individuals and their online branding.

First of all, your website needs to be designed to be aesthetically pleasing to your visitors. I’m sure you can think of a few websites that were so displeasing to the eye and chaotic in their design that you exited them as soon as you entered them. Don’t force your visitors to experience the same thing when visiting your site. It’s a total turn-off.

Second, your website must be responsive on all platforms. Do not publish a website that looks amazing on a desktop of laptop, but which is not user friendly on people’s cell phones. Most people these days use their laptops and desktops (Macs and PCs) to do their work. When shopping, searching for service providers, or ordering food, most will work off their phones (iPhone & Android). So if your website looks amazing to people while they are sneaking a quick peak during work hours, but it looks terrible when they look for you on their smartphone on their leisure time, you will lose their interest. Now, on a rare occasion I come across a website that looks amazing and is super user friendly on cell phones, but it looks ridiculous on a laptop or desktop computers. That right there is a killer too. Make sure you are consistent on all platforms and all devices. Our GCRosarioGroup.com website looks awesome no matter where you visit it from, even on your smart TV, your tablets, or Apple Watch!

When writing content for your website, make it easy to read and follow, and make sure you use keywords and phrases that identify the type of business you’re in. Make it so search engines pick up on your content, and direct the user to your website. Communicate your ideas, your aim, your services and your product clearly. In other words communicate exactly what you do, and what your business does. Tailor your SEO strategy around what your organization does best. For example, if you visit our company website, you will clearly see a faith based theme. That’s because our goal is to introduce Biblical Principles into the Marketplace. What’s your company’s goal?

Target your keywords to navigate around your specific services. For example, our good friends over at AXE Equipment Finance are by far the best all-in-one resource for everyone from the single owner-operator trucker to the large fleet company. When they first launched their online strategy, they went with pretty girls in skimpy clothing posing in front of trucks and trailers. That sent the wrong message to the viewer, and while their clicks and viewership was through the roof, they weren’t converting visitors into customers as often as they’d like to. When they shifted their strategy and started focusing on using Keywords on their websites and ads, the quality of their visitors and the conversion rate from click to purchase grew exponentially. They learned that speaking the right language online was the right way to reach the right prospects.

Your website is not a Ron Popeil Ronco Kitchen rotisserie chicken tool, so you shouldn’t simple “Set It & Forget It.” In my time as a consultant, I’ve come across websites that have not been updated since the last time Mike Tyson fought a real boxing match! Keep your website up to date with fresh content. Stay current and pertinent to today’s clientele. Constantly look for content that will capture your target audience’s attention. Know what the hot topics of the day are. For example, mentioning that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars may get you some views today, but may simply be noise a year from now. Speaking about high gas prices at the fuel pump today may get your website some clicks today, but this may not be a hot topic 2 or 3 years from now (fingers crossed). Mentioning the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial today may be a huge turn-on for some people, but will it convert into business for you down the road? Chiming in on Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter might start a conversation, but will it bring you Tesla levels of money? What’s worse is that if these topics are not related to your industry, they should not be on your website.

Social media is a golden ticket these days. Use it properly and it can drive lots of traffic to your website. If you are not social media savvy, and have no idea how to create content that will get views on the bigger platforms of the day (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, WhatsApp, WeChat, SnapChat, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn, etc.), you need to hire a consulting firm that knows how to capitalize on the use of social media to drive traffic to your website. Let’s talk about it!

How does SEO fit into your marketing strategy?

Do not stuff your website with keywords. SEO doesn’t work like that. As a matter of fact, too much noise can actually have a negative effect on your website. SEO is about establishing yourself as an industry expert by bringing people into your credible , pertinent website. You have to come across as a pro in your industry. SEO can do that for you by helping people find your site and then educating them on what truly matters. Using the right digital marketing tools contribute to your SEO and will help you become a success in your field.

Let your website build on all of the other branding materials, services and tools your company has to offer. If you are using social media, printed materials, video, podcasts and other attention grabbing tools, use the same keywords from your content on those platforms in your website.

By the way, if you are going to use social media, don’t just “Set It and Forget It” either. Staying active on your social media, especially engaging with your audience (followers) will boost your search engine ratings. Post regularly. Create original content. Share content from other people. Comment on posts from those who are your most loyal followers. Interact with your targeted audience. Use your social media platforms to invite people to visit your website. Posting regularly will make your company a more respected entity in your field, and will increase your visibility. Best of all, it enhances brand awareness. Make sure your social media content is engaging, useful and respectful to your followers.

How to build the right SEO strategy right into your website?

First of all, if your website is easy to navigate, you are already on your way to a solid win. There are plenty of websites online today that are poorly designed and not user friendly. Many are so misleading that you have to spend minutes, hours or days just to figure out what they are all about. Your website must be easy to navigate. It should not waste the visitor’s time. It should have clear information that matters. It should be clean and pleasing to the eye. It should be authentic. It should never steal other people’s content (which is illegal). And all keywords should be related to your industry. It is a key practice for all top performing websites to use headings, tabs, keywords and content that directly corresponds to what the right visitor profile should want to see.

Be strategic with the use of keywords. I’ve seen websites that clearly Googled the top 100 searched words or topics on the internet and then spread them throughout the website in an incoherent and cluttered manner. Keywords should be organic and contribute to the page’s theme and aim. Sharing quality content will give your website the appearance of relevance in search engines. SEO and keyword usage is not about driving everyone to your website, but rather about attracting the right visitor.

Why should you invest time into researching industry related keywords?

Want your customers/clients to find you? Then know what keywords they are using when looking for a product or service like yours. If you invest a little time (and money) doing some research when designing your website, you will save some time (and money) in the long run. Remember, launching your website should not be approached with a short sprint mindset, but rather with a marathon vision. Knowing what keywords your target audience use when searching online will help you tailor your website, your copy (written content) and your marketing/advertising content to your audience’s trigger phrases.

You already know what your ideal client needs. If you want to come up with a winning SEO strategy, take some time to brainstorm with your team, and with the people you are trying to reach in order to come up with a list of potential keywords that people might use to find your website and therefore do business with you. You can also Google top terms in your industry, find and study related searches, study your competitors and improve on their approach, purchase SEO tools to generate keywords, or better yet, hire a professional to do the work for you.

Once you have your list of keywords, create content for your website around these word, terms and phrases. Be unique. Don’t try to look like everyone else. Be authentically you. Be creative. Hire creative people to help you. Let your company’s vision and mission shine through the content. The right keywords will increase your SEO, which will help your professional website and your business work its way up to the top of the search engines.

Using meta descriptions can also boost your SEO, when done right. If you have not heard the term before, or if you simple haven’t looked into it, a meta description is a small line of text that appears under search results telling viewers about the website they are about to visit. For example, one of the websites we mentioned before, AXE Equipment Finance wrote “AXE Equipment Finance provides financing on all commercial equipment. Trucks | Trailers | Heavy Equipment — Good credit or Bad credit, we do it all!” under their search. You don’t have to even visit their website and you already know what service they provide.

How to use content marketing to boost your SEO?

Do not try to cut corners when it comes to your content marketing. Spend some money now and it will make you lots of money later. High-quality content establishes your website as a trustworthy, reliable source of information. When people come across you in Google and other search engines, they should be impressed. Let them find you by posting regularly, and engaging with those who comment on your content. Post engaging articles to your blog. It helps keep your site ranking higher in search engines. All search engines view the words on your website as shareable content. Writing great blog posts will increase the keywords search engines find on your website. Great blogs also help you shine as an industry expert.

That may seem simple, but posting blogs on a regular basis is not easy. I’m a blogger and a writer so I love to do this. But, let’s be honest here. Lots of people view writing as a daunting task they had to do back in their school days as a requirement to pass a high school or college class. I had a client refer to blogs as being more painful than the boring book reports she had to do in her teenage years. Interesting enough, when our writers sat with her for 2 hours, they walked away with enough content to create 8 beautiful blogs for her website. They posted one blog a week over the next 2 months. She was amazed at how they captured her vision and turned it into words. She was so impressed that she shared the blogs with all her high school and college friends, many of whom she hadn’t spoken to in years since she was in her 50’s when we wrote them.

Posting regularly to your blog and to social media sites is time consuming. This is why consulting firms like GC Rosario Group exist. This is one of the services we offer to our exclusive clients. See, coming up with bogs and social media posts that are deliberate, engaging, informative, entertaining and useful is not easy. You shouldn’t just post for the sole purpose of posting. Your content must be relevant and current. Your potential clients’ needs should be the driving force behind your content. Blog posts should be deliberate, engaging, and informative.

Consulting firms will come up with great topic ideas by talk to your current customers, interviewing your staff members, and identifying issues and frequently asked questions they can answer via your content. It will save you lots of time that you no longer have to spend explaining the process. This opens up time for you to invest into taking decisive actions that help your business grow.


I know this all seems like a lot of information to take in and to master. That’s why we exist. We handle all of this and then some. A business that has the right SEO strategy will win. So while this may seem overwhelming, it is absolutely crucial to your business’ success. It is a building block in your organization’s growth. And it is probably one of the most important tools in building brand awareness. Using SEO effectively for your website will help people find your page before they find your competitor’s page.

When you work with us, we will make sure your content clearly communicates your business’ unique value on your website. We will produce SEO driven content and employ strategies that will be direct and specific when discussing what you do, how you do it and more importantly, why you do it. Our team will teach you how to draft and publish regular blog posts and social media posts for you to enhance your credibility.

By approaching SEO from all angles, you will accomplish the great goal of keeping your website at the top of search engine results, therefore putting your product or service in front of a more qualified, diverse audience.

Let our team audit your website, and help you marry it to your success story. Book your FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION right now before the appointments are all booked.

I’ll finish this with a quick reference. If you look at the picture I chose for this post, take note of the colors used. Scroll back all the way to the top and you’ll see that the colors of the pic are yellow and blue. They are the colors of Ukraine’s flag. That’s a hot topic right now. The world is totally focused on the war between Ukraine and Russia right now and the media is certainly tuned into it. All search engines are picking up on this and it is one of the hottest topics right now. Even the use of colors in your graphics matter. They will attract audience to your content. This is what a strong business consultant knows how to do.

Will these colors matter a few months from now? Hopefully not as much. Hopefully this is a war that ends sooner than later. We are certainly praying for an end to this and to all world wars at this time.

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